2023 Roo Fest

See below for information on buying tickets and volunteering


At the Roo Fest, you can use tickets to buy food, drinks, and participate in the cake walk.

Here’s the breakdown: 1 Ticket costs $1.00

You can use tickets to buy food items which range from 1 to 3 tickets each

You can use tickets to participate in the cake walk activity for 2 tickets each entry

All other games, activities, and entry to the event are FREE for EVERYONE!

To save time, you can buy tickets online using a credit card before Wednesday, November 8th

You will pick up your tickets at the event without waiting in line so you can head straight to the fun

Additional tickets will also be available for purchase at the event using cash or credit card.


We rely on our community of parent volunteers to make the Roo Fest possible. 

Please cilck the link below to help with your child’s clasroom assigned activity. 

We will also need additional parent volunteers to help with set up and clean up for Roo Fest.

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